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Have you ever heard of old wives tales to predict if you are having a boy or girl?  Here are some fun ways to predict if you are having a boy or girl.

For most people, all that matters is to have a healthy and hearty baby, whether it is their first or their fifth one.  Although, many parents do get curious to know if they are carrying a boy or a girl while others like to keep it a surprise until the baby is born.

You might have noticed a rise in gender reveal parties.  This is a way many parents choose to celebrate their baby and have a party with their family and friends.

Old Wive's Tales for Gender Prediction

Other parents like to know what gender they are carrying so when they shop for new baby clothes, they can shop in “gender-specific” colors such as blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

In the old days there wasn’t the ability to get ultrasounds or blood tests and so as patterns developed people began to rely on Old Wives’ Tales to predict the gender of the baby and although none of these tales have ever been scientifically proven, they are still fun to try.

While these Old Wive’s tales aren’t necessarily accurate, they are still fun to try.

Well, today I will share some old wives tales to see if you or a loved one is having a girl or boy! This is a fun way to predict the gender!

Now, know that it isn’t always correct, so don’t fully count on the gender it says!  This is just for fun.

All of these will give you a 50/50 chance at being correct. It is fun to test these out before you find out the gender from the doctor, to see which are right!

baby gender predictions

Old Wive’s Tales to Predict Baby Gender

Carrying High or Low

Baby bump high or low

This is one of the more popular old wives’ tales that most pregnant women hear throughout their pregancy.  According to legend, if you are carrying the baby high, then it means start buying pink!  If you are carrying low, then it time to start buying blue!

Baby’s heartbeat

This is again quite a popular old wives’ tale about predicting the gender of the baby.

If the baby’s heart rate is more than 140 beats per minute, then it may be because you are carrying a girl.

If the heart rate is more sedate pace, which is under 140 beats per minute, then it more likely that you are carrying a baby boy.

Eating Bread

If you find that you are eating the ends of bread, it is more likely a boy.

If, on the other hand, you are skipping the ends and eating the middle first it is a girl.

Shape of the Bump

Shape of your baby bump to predict gender

This is yet another popular one, that if you are carrying all your extra baby weight out in front and it looks like a basketball, then it is a boy.

If you are carrying the pregnancy weight all over your body, then it means it is a girl.


It is said that you can tell the gender of the baby you are carrying by looking at your legs.

If it looks like your legs have put on some weight during pregnancy, it is a boy.

But, if they stay lean and in shape, signs point to girl.


Clumsy or Graceful

It is said that if you are graceful, you are having a girl.

If you tend to be more clumsy, signs point to boy.

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

The legend says that if you are suffering from severe morning sickness and excessive nausea during your pregnancy, then it means you are probably having a girl.

On the other hand, if you do not throw up often or throughout your pregnancy, then it is probably a boy.

How you Hold a Key

Have the person who is pregnant grab a car key. If they grab the narrow part (key teeth) of the key first, it is a girl. If they pick up the round part at the back of the key, it’s a boy.

Dream of Gender

If you dream that you are having a boy it means it is a girl and vice versa.


Happy Pregnancy Woman

If you tend to be a bit more grumpy you are having a girl since you have extra hormones flowing through you. If you seem happy and more relaxed, it is a boy!

The Wedding Ring Swing

Many people like to try this gender prediction test also.

Get your wedding ring and tie a piece of string to it.  Then, you lie down and hold the string so that the ring dangles over your pregnant belly.

You have to be patient til the ring starts to move.

If it swings in a circle, it is a Mr. If it goes back and forth it is a little miss.

The Garlic Test

If you are able to eat a lot of garlic and not smell like it, then it means you are probably carrying a girl.

Your Beauty

Woman with natural pregnancy glow

If people around you are commenting that you are glowing, or your complexion and skin is clear and bright as ever, it could mean you are having a boy.

On the other hand, if you are breaking out or if people are asking if you are tired and feeling okay, then it might mean you are having a girl.


If you have another child, and he shows interest in the mom, it is a girl.

If your toddler is less interested it is a boy.

Feet Growth and Temperature

A lot of women experience a growth in their feet and swelling while they are pregnant and sometimes it only lasts during the pregnancy, while for others it may be forever.

If your foot size remains the same, then it is because you are having a girl.

The legend says that boys add half a size to the feet!

Similarly, if you suffer from a bad case of cold feet during your pregnancy, it might be because you are having a boy.  However, if your feet are as warm as ever, then you might be carrying a girl.

Sweets or Salty

Pregnant woman eating sweets

If you find that you are always craving sweets, it means you are probably carrying a girl. Cravings for sour or salty or even foods that are protein-rich mean it may be a boy.

However, if you are craving everything, well then, it just means that you are pregnant!

Ask To See Hands

If you ask the pregnant mom to be to see her hands, and she keeps her palms down it is a girl. If she shows her palms (facing up) it is a little boy.

Nose Looking Big

Have you noticed that your nose is looking bigger than usual?  Or has someone commented on your nose that it has made you feel conscious?

Well, one of the old wives’ tales is that your nose may look bigger when you are having a boy.

But, don’t worry, after the pregnancy apparently it goes back to the normal size!

Hair Changes

Pregnancy Hair

If your hair has become glossy and thick it surely means you are having a boy.

If your hair is dull and limp and it looks like you have not washed your hair for a while, then it may mean it’s a girl.

Similar to the hair on your head, you may notice a change in the hair on your body as well.  If it is growing thick and very fast, then it is a boy.  If there is no noticeable changes then it is a girl.

Heartburn or Headaches

If you are experiencing a lot of heartburn, then blame it on the baby girl genes.

While a lot of headaches means you are probably carrying a boy.

How are you Sleeping?

It may be hard to believe, but the way you sleep and the direction where you place your head when you sleep may signify whether you are having a boy or a girl.

If you tend to sleep more on your left side, it is said you are having a boy. Right side means it is a little girl.

The Line Nigra

Linea Nigra to determine baby's sex

Some expectant mothers develop a dark line down the center of the belly.  If this line continues above the belly button, this means that you are probably having a boy.

However, if this line finishes below your belly button then it means it is a girl.

Dad Gains Weight

If your significant other gains weight during your pregnancy, they say it is a little girl.

If he doesn’t show signs of weight gain, it is a boy.


If you look at your urine, and it is bright yellow, they say boy.

If it is a lighter color it is a girl.

It is recommended to look at the first pee of the day.

I hope you have fun seeing which of these old wive’s tales are correct at predicting the sex of your baby.

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Old Wives Tale Baby Gender Predictions

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