I’m Jenny, the face behind the blog.

I’m a fairly crunchy mama of 3 boys (ages 10, 7, and 5).

I am also a bit of a birth nut.  I loved being pregnant with my kids and in general love the whole pregnancy/birth process.

We moved into an old farmhouse about 6 months ago.

Our house was built in 1915 and has a lot of the charms older farmhouses have.  We purchased our house from a builder.

He bought our house when it still had some acreage with it and subdivided it and built houses around it.  As he was building the other houses, he put any extra building materials into our house.  So our house has been completely remodeled!

Our new house doesn’t have much for storage.  The closets in here are few and what little ones we have are very small.  Our main bathroom is somewhat small (larger than the one in our first house though), but there is absolutely no storage in there. So it will be an adventure figuring out how to add some storage and organization in our house, while still keeping it’s charm.

There is no landscaping around our house other than a small rose bed against the house with a lawn in front and just lawn and a couple larger trees in back.  My husband and I love to garden.  We have big plans for creating our backyard into a little mini paradise for us.  Although, we are still coming up with plans to make the front of our house not so much of an eyesore.

Join me as I find fun, new organizational ideas and gardening/landscape ideas for our house and as I implement them.