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I love having people over for the holidays, but I also enjoy spending time with them and my family. So I have discovered the breakfast casserole, to help us all enjoy our time together and I don’t have to be in the kitchen all the time. I enjoy making a good breakfast for everyone but if I can limit my time doing it, that is even better. So here are eleven favorite breakfast casserole recipes.

Baked Pumpkin French Toast

overnight breakfast casserole french toast

This casserole had my attention from the word, pumpkin. I love pumpkin flavors during the holidays.This recipe starts with a thick wheat bread or Texas toast Then all the fresh pumpkin and the spices you would use in a pumpkin pie.The cubed bread is folded into the pumpkin mixture and poured into a pan. Then topped with the streusel topping and baked. It bakes into a golden brown goodness that needs nothing else added to eat it. This may be prepared ahead of time and popped in the oven in the morning.This Baked Pumpkin French Toast was created by  Chew Out Loud.

Overnight Cheesy Breakfast Casserole

Overnight Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits

This is the perfect casserole to prepare the night before and bake in the morning. It has sausage ham, peppers, two types of cheese and eggs. It is all poured over a layer of biscuits or Italian bread. The make-ahead casserole is ready to bake in the morning add some cheese and melt. Everyone in my house loves this warm breakfast so I double the recipe to make more. This Overnight Cheesy Breakfast Casserole is by The Slow Roasted Italian

Hillbilly Breakfast Bake

Easy Tator Tot Breakfast Casserole

So this one is for all the kiddos who love tater tots. This casserole has a layer of tater tots, ham, cheese and eggs all baked into one glorious easy breakfast. I make this for the kids but everyone eats it. This is so quick to put together and bakes in  40-45 minutes. This Hillbilly Breakfast Bake is by Simple Green Moms.

Eggs Ole Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

For a little twist on the typical breakfast, this casserole has corn tortillas and Mexican chorizo sausage.The corn tortillas line the baking pan as a bit of a crust. Then the sausage, cheese, salsa sour cream and egg mixture is poured over the top and baked.It is served with a warm Velveeta sauce and olives are optional. This is a tasty way to serve something special. This Eggs Ole Southwestern Breakfast Casserole is by Highlands Ranch Foodie.

California Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

This is just like eating a big California omelet but baked in a pan to share with others.

It has a layer of breakfast sausage, avocado, tomatoes, a layer of eggs and then tops off with hashbrowns. The melted cheese on top will bring all the flavors together. You can add sour cream and salsa on top or on the side. It makes a great breakfast for those that love avocado.

The California Breakfast Casserole was created by Fav Family Recipes.

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole

Veggie Breakfast Casserole

A casserole filled with some of my favorite veggies always starts my day off right. This recipe calls for mushrooms, red onion, peppers and spinach, but you can add whatever are your favorite veggies.It has a shredded hash brown base and then all the sauteed veggies with an egg batter poured over top. A little hot sauce in the egg mixture is optional. Then the right amount of cheese on top and bake. This all can be prepared the night before.The recipe for Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole is by Little Spice Jar.

Apple Butter Breakfast Bake

Breakfast Casserole with Crescent Rolls

This is a little bit like the cheddar apple pie bake. The recipe uses crescent rolls, sausage, eggs apple butter and cheese. It ends up being not too sweet but a delightful blend of fall flavors.I choose a regular apple butter but I think it would be good with some of the other flavors.This recipe for Apple Butter Breakfast Bake is by Sugar Dish Me.

Overnight French Toast with Cherries

Overnight Breakfast Casserole Cherry French Toast

If you like a slightly sweeter breakfast this Overnight French Toast with Cherries will do. It is a log of cinnamon swirl bread in the bottom of the pan with a mixture of eggs, heavy cream, vanilla and a can of cherry pie filling.the bread soaks overnight in the egg and heavy cream mixture. The cherries can be added to the baked product so they come out bubbling hot or used to top it off when it comes out of the oven.  We top it off with a little whip cream. This recipe is by All She Cooks

Baked Western Omelette

breakfast casserole recipes

A typical western omelet but baked in a pan so you can serve a crowd. This Is easy but familiar and delicious. Red and green peppers, onions, ham and cheese and an egg mixture poured over top. I served this with fruit and bagels on the side. The recipe for Baked Western Omelette was created by The Seasoned Mom.

Apple Streusel French Toast Bake

Apple Streusel French Toast Bake Casserole

This recipe is like a big apple pie cinnamon bun all wrapped up in one. It starts with making a streusel topping that has brown sugar, pecans, flour, and cinnamon. Then an egg, heavy cream with nutmeg and cinnamon. The bottom of the pan has store-bought cinnamon bun pieces and then the egg mixture is poured on top with the streusel.This will not only warm everyone up for the morning but your house will smell great for the day. The recipe for Apple Streusel French Toast Bake was created by Deliciously Sprinkled.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza Casserole with Crescent Rolls

I love the crescent roll dough base of this casserole. Then a breakfast sausage is broken up and dispersed all over the dough.  Thawed hash browns and cheese make the next layer. The final layer is the egg mixture with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. It goes right in the oven to bake and comes out ready to serve like pizza slices.This recipe for Breakfast Pizza was created by Your Home Based Mom.

I love all these recipes and the fact that I can mix them up through the start of the holidays to make my life easier is the final winning factor.

If you have a favorite casserole I didn’t list above, please let me know in the comments below.

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Best Christmas Breakfast Casserole Recipes. Now I just have to narrow down which casserole to make Christmas morning.

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