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There are several varieties of plants that bloom or have lovely colors during the fall.  In order to get these colorful plants though, you need to make sure to plant them in your yard.

During the spring and summer, we are surrounded by beautiful flowers that it’s hard to believe that any bloom during other times of the year.

Make sure to plant earlier than fall if you want to fill your garden with some colorful and vibrant combinations of rusts, deep purples, gold, and scarlet.

These flowers can easily tolerate low temperatures and will make your garden look colorful and beautiful throughout the fall season. Fill your beautiful garden with these spectacular and long-lasting fall flowers:

1. Strawflower

Best flowers for your fall garden

Strawflowers come in several different colors including white, salmon, yellow, orange, copper-red and bright pinks.  These beautiful flowers are perfect for the fall season and will be sure to add a depth of color to your flower garden.

These flowers like to be in full sun.

2. Toad Lily

Toad lily is a bulbed flower with super cool striated colored flower petals.  These flowers like to be in shade and they bloom in the fall.

Toad lily’s can grow from 1 to 3 feet high and the flowers are anywhere from blue, pink, purple, white and yellow.

Toad Lily’s aren’t the easiest flower to find, but you can check this plant out here.

3. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are vibrant orange fall flowers and grow in different shapes and sizes.

If you love container gardening, these flowers are perfect for this purpose. They also grow in different shades of orange, red, yellow, white, and peach.

You can also get these flowers in mini size or if you prefer big ones, you can go for the large sizes too. The small ones look beautiful in small pots, while the large ones look good in the soil of a garden.

You can find Chrysanthemum’s here.

4. Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemone start blooming by the end of summer and are found blooming all the way to fall.

They can withstand the chilly temperature and give a serene and beautiful look to the garden. If you love white flowers, you must plant these in the fall season.

However, the flowers will require proper planning for planting and will require some years for them to completely establish. Once they start blooming, they will be very long lasting. Each plant of the Japanese anemone is covered with beautiful paper-like blooms.

These beautiful flowers like partial or full sun.

Check out these Anemone for fall color.

5. Celosia

Celosia is also available in a variety of bright colors such as orange, bright yellow, deep purple, and scarlet red. These flowers look gorgeous in the garden with their vibrant colors.

They don’t require much care and maintenance and are very durable. You can add them to the borders and beds of your garden, and they will give a welcoming look. They have a vertical design and give a flame-like view that looks bright and bold in the garden.

You can find seeds for these lovely flowers here.

6. Pansy

Pansies provide a cool and pretty look in almost all colors of the rainbow. They are very versatile and are heavy-blooming flowers.

They look beautiful on the beds of landscapes and in containers too. There are old and new varieties available, and they also look great in hanging baskets and groundcovers. The good thing is that the pansies grow in many areas and last for a long time.

They start blooming when spring starts, but they also bloom in the fall.

You can find some of these beautiful little flowers here.

7. Sweet Alyssum

If you want some fragrance in your garden in the fall season, try growing sweet alyssum.

These flowers are used to create a beautiful bed or carpet in the garden in the spring and fall seasons.

Their fragrance is incredible, and they can be placed in containers too. The sweet alyssum can withstand cold temperature and can last for a long time from fall to winter. It is mostly grown in mild areas.

You can find sweet alyssum here.

8. Stonecrop/Sedum

Stonecrop flowers come in a variety of shapes, heights, and colors.  They come in orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow and give a cool and pretty look to your garden.

Many people make sure to always grow them in during fall feeling the season isn’t complete without Stonecrop flowers in their garden.

These flowers require minimum maintenance and care and look fresh and good throughout the year. However, if you have deer in your garden or nearby, be aware that the deer do love to eat stonecrops.

Click here to add some stone flowers to your garden. 

9. Coreopsis

Coreopsis or Tickseed come in cheery yellow, orange, red and pink flowers and are a favorite of most gardeners because of their colors.

Previously, these flowers were found only in yellow.  Coreopsis is compatible with any type of soil and can be grown anywhere.

There are more than 100 species of Coreopsis available, which include both annuals and perennials.

These flowers are disease free and require low maintenance.  Coreopsis starts flowering in early summer and the blooms last until the first frost.

Here is a lovely yellow Coreopsis to add to your garden.

10. Aster

Aster flowers are one of the best fall flowers and look very unique due to their purple shade.

They are different from other traditional fall flowers and add a unique look to the area.

These flowers also feed honey bees and attract butterflies in the fall season so that the garden looks more colorful and bright. Asters are now available in other shades too such as blue, pink, and white.

Here are some beautiful Asters.

There are more flowers than what I’ve touched on here that are great for fall.  All the flowers I mentioned have the ability to withstand cold temperatures and can bloom in autumn.

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Best Fall Flowers for Your Garden.