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Are you wondering “How do I start decluttering?” or “How do you get rid of clutter?”.  Not to worry, here are 50 things you can throw away today so you can start to declutter fast!

If the items you are throwing away are still in good useable condition, you might be able to sell them at a garage sale, online FB garage sale group or donate.  Great way to bring in some extra cash!  🙂

  1. Junk Mail
  2. Storage Containers with Missing Lids
  3. Expired seasonings or spices
  4. Expired condiments in the fridge
  5. Expired food
  6. Magnets you don’t like
  7. Extra coffee mugs
  8. Extra pots & pans
  9. Extra measuring cups/spoons
  10. Any small appliance or gadget that you haven’t used and aren’t planning to use
  11. Old coupons or receipts
  12. Expired medications
  13. Stained or Frayed Towels & Washcloths
  14. Old Cosmetics
  15. Old Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap
  16. Old toothbrushes
  17. Old toothpaste containers
  18. Old/expired Sunblock
  19. Old eyeglasses/sunglasses
  20. Toys no longer played with
  21. Unused equipment for hobbies
  22. Unmatched or worn socks
  23. Nylons with a run or hole
  24. Sheets that are worn
  25. Old, worn out shoes
  26. Clothes that don’t fit
  27. Clothes you don’t like or haven’t worn in over a year
  28. Clothes with stains or holes in them
  29. Mittens/Gloves without a mate
  30. Old underwear
  31. Old store loyalty cards
  32. Dvd’s you won’t watch again
  33. Books you won’t be reading again
  34. Cd’s you no longer listen to
  35. Old, used candles
  36. Expired magazines
  37. Dead batteries
  38. Pens/markers that don’t work
  39. Old Greeting cards
  40. Old computers
  41. Old/broken printers
  42. Extra printer/computer cords
  43. Unfinished craft projects
  44. Old art projects/drawings
  45. Broken phone chargers
  46. Old video game system & games no longer using
  47. Old Paint
  48. Any empty containers (laundry soap, cleaners, etc)
  49. Any yard or garden supplies you don’t use (extra or broken hoses, spades, etc)
  50. Extra gardening containers

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Decluttering Tips - 50 items to throw away today

Declutter Quickly with these 50 items to get rid ofDeclutter with these 50 items to get rid of

Get rid of the clutter. 50 items to get rid of today,

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