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Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving, besides being with all the great people I get to be surrounded by is the Thanksgiving table decor.  Growing up, we went to my Aunt’s house every year and she would have her Thanksgiving table decorated and it always looked amazing.  It seems like it was always slightly different every year.

Growing up, we went to my Aunt’s house every year and she would have her Thanksgiving table decorated and it always looked amazing.  It seems like it was always slightly different every year.

She might have Thanksgiving turkeys decorate her table or some pumpkins displayed in an elegant fashion.

We don’t have Thanksgiving very often at my house.  Every so often, my husband and I will decide to stay home for Thanksgiving and then I am in charge of the Thanksgiving table decor.

It’s always so much fun figuring out everything for Thanksgiving – what food to serve, the Thanksgiving table decor and all the other million small details that make the holiday.

Here are some DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces to decorate your table with.

elegant DIY Thanksgiving table settings

I am totally in love with these white pumpkins with the garland providing some orange flair.  It is so beautiful, simple and elegant.  You can find out more about this Thanksgiving table setting at Your Cozy Home.

Thanksgiving Table Settings DIY Pumpkin Vase

This pumpkin vase is super cool.  It doesn’t even have to be a white pumpkin to look good.  You can find out more about this DIY Pumpkin vase for your Thanksgiving table at A Pumpkin and a Princess. (the name is fitting.  🙂  )

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas Wood Runner

This wood runner for the center of the table with some carefully placed items looks very elegant.  The wood runner is super simple to make, since it’s essentially just a wood plank stained.  You can find all more about this wood runner and what has been placed on it at Blooming Homestead.

Wooden Pumpkin Box Thanksgiving Table Decor

This wooden box, fall table centerpiece is quite festive when you add candles, gourds and pumpkins to it.  It has a very rustic flair.  I could see using this wooden box for the center of your coffee table as well.  It would be easy enough to change the box theme to Christmas and other holidays.  You can find the building directions for this Fall themed table centerpiece at Shanty-2-Chic.

White and Cream Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Here is another lovely Thanksgiving table setting.  I think this might look deceivingly simple.  There are a lot of elements on the table that you don’t see at first glance.  I love how she incorporates a wreath in the center of her table, she also has a few antlers on there as well.  You can find more pictures and a walk-through of her table at AKA Designs.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decor Worthing Court Blog

This centerpiece is very rustic and screams fall.  It would work great as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  I really like the choice of color for the candles.  You can find more info on this centerpiece at Worthing Court Blog.

Gorgeous Fall Tablescape


This gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape uses a bough of leaves weaved throughout the table with candles and a tray of pumpkins to tie it all together.  It looks so inviting.  You can find this tablescape at Rooms for Rent.


Fall Tablescape Ella Claire


This beautiful table from Ella Claire Inspired is very simlar to the one above from Rooms for Rent.  This table setting uses wood rounds as table holders.  And again, uses pumpkins for decoration.  But the pumpkins that she chooses are more muted colors.  You can find more information about this beautiful table at Ella Claire Inspired.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

This table has fall foilage weaved and placed along the table.  There are both the tall candles and then the smaller, decorative pumpkin candles

This table setting is pretty simple, with just a few pumpkins lined up along it and some large candle holders.  The table looks very inviting.  You can see it as well as the other rest of the house at Home Stories A to Z.

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