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I recently posted about ways to make postpartum easier, here are more ways to make your postpartum time with a new baby easier.  If I haven’t covered ways you make your post partum time easier, make sure to comment with it below!  🙂

All Baby Clothes Washed and Put Away

Make sure all your baby’s clothes are washed and put away.  If you have a diapering station/basket set up in another location other than your baby’s room, make sure to stock it with an outfit or two, plus a couple blankets.

Make sure to Prepare Older Siblings

Any kiddos that you already have, you will want to prepare for the new arrival.

You can read some great books about becoming a big brother/sister.

Pack Bags for a Hospital Birth

Make sure you pack your bag(s) for the hospital.  Make sure to pack for both yourself, the baby and a few items for Dad as well.

Interview and Pick Your Baby’s Pediatrician

Make sure to interview some pediatricians.

Research, Purchase and Install Your Baby’s Carseat

Research carseats.  This is a fairly good, current review of some of the major carseats on the market.

For the newborn stage I strongly suggest a carseat that is made specifically for younger ones and not a convertible carseat.

We had a convertible carseat for my oldest son and although it was rated for as small as 5 pounds and my little guy was about 8.5lbs, he was still way too small to be in it.

We didn’t’ find this out until after his birth and we were putting him in it to drive him home.  We used a rolled up blanket to support around his head, but he was still too small for the carseat.  We ended up getting a different carseat specifically for the first few months until he grew a little bigger.

One thing to remember about carseats is that all the ones on the market have passed safety tests.

Purchase a nursing bra or two

While you don’t know exactly what size you will end up being after you get your milk in, you still want to get a couple nursing bras to last you until you have a chance to go out and purchase more.

Stock up on household supplies

Stock up on household supplies such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner.  Once your new bundle arrives, you won’t necessarily want to leave your house to go shopping.

Clean out your car

Give your car a thorough cleaning inside before you go into labor.  Here is a great car cleaning guide.

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