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Stains are such a menace. They stubbornly stick to your beloved possessions and refuse to come out. While we may hate their presence, most of us have to deal with them more or less on a daily basis.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of panic and doom set in as you notice that your expensive furniture now has a massive stain?

Do you avoid wearing a dress because of the coffee stain that stubbornly sticks to the dress?

Do you wish to find ways to remove these stains without undermining the beauty of the dress, furniture, or carpet that the stain is on? If so, we are here to tell you how to remove almost any stain.

Tips for removing specific stains

While some stains can be eliminated with a little scrubbing, others refuse to do so. These stains include baby food, blood, wax, coffee, and nail polish. These stains require specific treatments. Here is how you can remove some of these stains:

1. Baby Food Stains

Here is a way to remove baby food stains.

Begin with using a kitchen knife to scrape off the dried food.

Prepare a mixture of 1 quart of lukewarm water, a tablespoon of ammonia, and a squirt of liquid dish soap. Proceed by soaking the piece of clothing in the prepared mixture for 15 minutes.

After this, rub the stain gently for a few minutes after taking the item out, then soak it again for 15 more minutes. Rinse the item to remove any traces of the mixture left behind and continue to dip the piece of clothing in a stain-removing solution until the stain is gone.

Once the stain disappears, you can launder it to remove the stain remover.

2. Blood Stains

Blood stains are not as hard to remove as people say.

Put the item with blood on it under cold running water and gently rub the cloth under the water.

If it doesn’t come out from just this, then add a gentle dish soap onto the blood.  Continue rubbing the cloth to together under the running water.

If it still doesn’t come out, soak it in cold water for about 15 minutes.

If it still isn’t gone, then repeat all the steps as needed.

3. Candle Wax

Wax seems to be a stubborn stain, but if you know how to deal with it, you can remove it easily.

To begin, use a table knife to scrape off the excess wax and place the item with the stain face down on a clean paper towel. Then run an iron over the backside of the stain, which will have the wax move to the towel.

Keep doing this until all wax has transferred onto the paper. After the wax is gone, there is a chance that some color may still be there.

You can remove this color with a stain remover.  Soak the colored part of the clothing by soaking it in stain remover for around 80 minutes.

4. Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are something most of us have experienced.

If you don’t know how to get rid of them you may have discarded many clothes and accessories because of these stains.

To remove coffee stains, all you have to do is place the stained item face down on a clean paper towel. Soak a sponge in rubbing alcohol and rub the stain from the back of the clothing.

After doing this, soak the piece of clothing for 15 minutes in a combination of lukewarm water, a tablespoon of vinegar, and a squirt of dish soap. After 15 minutes, rinse the item in clean water and soak it in a stain-removing solution until the coffee mark disappears.

5. Nail Polish

Nail polish is probably the hardest out of all of these to remove.  And the way to remove the stain is with nail polish remover.  Super scary, I know.

First, test a small, inconspicuous area with the nail polish remover to make sure it doesn’t discolor the clothing garment.

If it works well, then put a paper towel underneath the stain and gently blot the stain gently with a paper towel or cotton ball that has nail polish remover on it.

General tips

While every stain may require a specific treatment, there are certain guidelines you should follow when faced with a stain. These guidelines include:

• Be quick. As soon as you spot the stain, treat it. This is because the sooner you work on it, the higher chance there is that it will come out.
• Remember to apply stain removers on the back of the stain. Whenever you use a paper towel to transfer the stain, be sure to place the stain face down.
• If you want to ensure that your carpet and furniture remain stain free, it is better to treat with stain resisters rather than waiting for them to get a stain and then treating it.
• If the stain has solid lumps, before applying any product onto the stain, make sure to remove as much of the solids with a knife before proceeding.
• Do not rub fabrics which are delicate. If you have to do it, be sure to be extra gentle.
• Do not soak or apply any product to a dry-clean fabric. Just take it to the cleaner and let them take care of it for you.
• Patience is key. Not all stains are quick to remove, and some may even take hours to disappear completely. Follow the steps mentioned above repeatedly until the stain disappears.
• Once you start treating the stain, do not let the item dry before the stain is gone. Once dried, stains tend to set and are harder to remove.


It doesn’t take much to remove stains.

Almost all stains use some combination of water, vinegar, dish soap, paper towels, dull knife and stain remover. However, the most important ingredient to have is persistence and patience.

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