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Quality time with your kids is so important.  One easy to make sure Moms are spending that quality time with their sons are by doing mother son date nights.

Date nights or days with your son doesn’t need to be expensive either.  As long as you two are enjoying yourself and bonding that’s what’s important.

mom son date ideas

I have included some free ideas as well as some that are more expensive.   Plus many of these ideas are great for older kids, but others are great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Here are some great mother and son date night ideas.

  1. Go to a Movie
  2. Yogurt or Ice Cream Date
  3. Explore the Zoo
  4. Concert
  5. Sports Game – If you want cheaper tickets, check out some of the rookie or women’s teams.  These games are just as much fun to go to and tend to be less money.
  6. Arcade
  7. Bowling – Check Groupon for coupons
  8. Bookstore – Check for author talks or browse the books together
  9. Library – See if your library has any fun events or classes you might enjoy going to together.
  10. Pond – Go for a walk together around a local pond.
  11. Park – Walk around a trail if there is one.  You can also play a game while there.
  12. Game –  This could be board games at a game store, library or game cafe.  It could also be bringing a soccer ball or a frisbee to a local park and playing there.
  13. Rock Climbing
  14. Hiking
  15. Mini Golf
  16. Go-Cart Racing
  17. Coffee/Hot Cocoa Date
  18. Special Restaraunt – if your son has a favorite restaurant, you could go there for a meal.  Or try going to something that is a specialty restaurant such as sushi, fondue or a pancake house.
  19. Fly a kite
  20. Go to a local orchard or self-pick place and pick some fruit – Make sure not to overdo it with picking your own fruit, because then it will become more of a chore than a fun activity to do together.
  21. Picnic
  22. Make paper boats and try to sail them
  23. Go for a bike ride together
  24. Go roller-blading or roller skating

I hope this has given you some fun ideas on what you can do with a mother-son date.