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If you are looking for fun Christmas games, this Name that Christmas Carol game might be just what you are looking for.

This Christmas trivia game is best when it is printed onto cardstock.  You can get these printable cards in my free resource library.  Make sure to sign up at the bottom of this post for access.

This is a great game for kids to play since the carols are all really famous ones that we all grew up singing such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinder and Jingle Bells.

Christmas Carol Quiz

As you can see the verse from the song is printed in the top box and then the name of the song is printed in the box below.

This game is very easy to play.

How to play Name That Christmas Carol

It’s a great game to play with 2 or more players.

Player 1 will quiz player 2 by reading the top of the card with the song lyrics in it (or singing them) to player 2 and then ask them to name that Christmas carol.

The person who needs to name the Christmas carol will make a guess and the player who is holding the card has the answer right in their hand to let them know if they are correct or not.

Whichever person names the most carols right is the winner.

Name that Christmas carol

If you are looking for a fun Christmas game printable, this is it.

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Free Printable Christmas game kids love

Easy Christmas Games or Kids
Name that Christmas Carol Printable Game

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