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With so many kids having food allergies and intolerances now, as well as people waking up to the problems with sugar you might want to offer non-candy Halloween treats this year.

Some added bonuses about the non-candy Halloween treats are that you can always save any extra for the next year without worrying that it might go bad.  Or if you get stuck with a lot of extras you aren’t feeling like you have to eat all the leftovers.

Last year when Halloween came, I realized I hadn’t picked up anything for the trick-or-treaters and did a last minute run to the store.  They didn’t have any options for non-candy treats that were affordable.

The prices on the bags of candy were shocking to me as well.  There were several other shoppers in the aisle with me as we are looking at what the candy options were and many of us were talking about how expensive it was.

Make sure to plan ahead.  You can’t always pick up the non-candy treats at the last minute, but with Amazon Prime shipping you should be able to get it very quickly.

Many of these ideas are cheaper than the bags of candy were for me last year, but some are more expensive.  I wanted to put in a variety of options.

Good thing, we’ve got you covered with some great non-candy Halloween treat ideas!  Read on to find the perfect treat to offer your trick-or-treaters.

Temporary Tattoos


Kids love temporary tattoos.  This is a great non-candy option for Halloween.  Here are some fun emoji tattoos that both boys and girls are sure to love.  There are also fun insects and bugs tattoos and monsters.

Fake Insects and Bugs

Hand out some fun creepy, crawly fake insects this year!  You can find these fake insects and bugs here.

Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls

I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like bouncy balls.  These are not only bouncy balls, but they also glow in the dark!  You can buy some of these here.


Another item that I haven’t met a kid which doesn’t like.  Stamps are so much fun and there is so much satisfaction seeing the perfect shape just by pressing it down onto paper.  Here is a great assortment of stamps.

Pirate Gold Coins

Arrghh, Matey!  Nothing like bringing home treasure on Halloween.  These pirate coins are fun!  You can buy some pirate coins here.

Mini Frisbees

Frisbees are so much fun for kids!  Give out some small frisbees to your trick-or-treat visitors.  You can find some here.

Mandarine Oranges

Draw a pumpkin face on the mandarine orange to make it more festive.


LED Finger Lights

Finger LED lights are super fun.  Any trick-or-treater would love to get these!  You can find these in bulk here.

Glider Airplanes

Glider Airplanes are another fun non-treat item to give out on Halloween.  Here are some fun gliders.

Flying Frogs

Kids love things that they can fling through the air. These flying frogs are perfect!  You can find them here.


Wiki Stix

You can give out some wiki stix.  Wiki stix are yarn that is coated in wax.  You use this waxed yarn to create pictures with templates.  So for these ones, you’d use it to make an outline of a ghost or a cat or another fun Halloween theme.  You can find Wiki Stix here.

Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks are always fun!  You can find some here or sometimes around the beginning of October I see them in the Target dollar section for about $3 for 100.


Kids love play-doh!  Give out small little bins of play-doh this year.  You can find some here.

Chinese Finger Traps

Do you remember these as a kid?  They were so much fun!  In case you didn’t ever have one of these, you put your fingers in each side and if you pull the “finger trap” tightens around your fingers so you can’t pull them out.

In order to get your fingers out, you need to either have someone else help you or use your thumb and middle finger to hold the ends of the trap together.

This is another fun item to hand out to kids instead of candy this year.  Buy them here.

Glow in the Dark Fangs

All kids like these fangs that go over their teeth, how about some glow in the dark ones?  You can find a large pack of these here.


Fun themed pencils, erasers and notebooks make writing more enjoyable for kids.


You can find cool stencil bookmarks here


Another thing kids always love are keychains.  Hand out some fun skeleton keychains – you can find them here.

coloring book


Most kids like to color and these fun Halloween coloring books are great! Here is a great assortment of Halloween themed coloring books.

Halloween Whistles

Whistles are fun for kids to play with, although loud for adults.  Here are some Halloween whistles.

Mini prisms

Mini prisms are always fun to look through.  You can pick some up here.


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