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It can be frustrating to try and get something out of your food cabinet and a cascade of packages and cans falls out whenever you open the cabinet or when you try to reach in to grab a jar in the back and all the cans knock over.

Here are 5 easy and simple ways to organize your food cabinets to get rid of the mess and frustration!

1. Get rid of any expired food items

Food that is stored in the pantry tends to have a long shelf life, which is great for keeping the food until you need it.  Or if you have an emergency, having food available to use.  If the food is expired though, you want to get rid of it to avoid that possibility of getting sick.

Sort through your cans and jars and see what the expiration dates are.  Anything that is expired (you might be surprised at how much is), make sure to toss.  If you have some that have close expiration dates, make a plan to use these items soon.

2. Label the tops of cans and group together

If you store your cans in a way where you can’t see the labels, it requires you to lift each one out to see what it is. You can label each jar top to save you time when finding which jar you need.

You can write the item name of your cans on top with a permanent marker.  You will then be able to see what is in the can without pulling the can out.

You can also sort your jars by what it is so you know what cans you have available.  So all the tomato sauce is together in a line, black beans, etc.

3. Separate cans into open containers

Another way of organizing your food cabinet is to group your cans into containers such as these.

You can label the front with what type of food is in the container.  You can organize the cans with general beans or tomatoes or you can be more specific such as one for tomato sauce and another for diced tomatoes or separate out black beans and refried beans, etc.

4. Store dried foods in containers

Another way to keep your cabinet organized is to keep your dried food in containers.  You can keep your food containers looking uniform.  There are a large assortment of sizes available so you are bound to find one that fits your cabinet.

Another perk of keeping your dried food in containers is it keeps your food safe from pests and helps to prevent them.

5. Arrange food items by date

When you add new food items to your cabinet, make sure the food that has a shorter shelf life should be kept in the front.

By keeping the shorter shelf life items near the front, it’ll be easier to make sure to use these items up before they expire.

I hope you found some new ways to keep your cabinets organized.

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5 Quick Ways to Organize Food Cabinets

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