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I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  If things aren’t organized and easy to access, I spend a lot more time then necessary getting what I need done.  Especially if there is no pantry organization and there are haphazard piles.  Then, getting what I need causes the pile to tumble.

When the pile falls over – and it will at some point, it is so frusterating and makes me not want to be in the kitchen.  If I don’t want to be in the kitchen, then my motivation for cooking plummets.  It’s important to me to be able to cook healthy meals for my kids and family, so doing everything I can to make it so I enjoy being in my kitchen is a priority.

Having a clean kitchen helps with my enjoyment of being in my kitchen and cooking or baking.  So I found some pantry organization ideas to help get my pantry organized and I hope it will help you as well.



1.  Add some clear containers to keep your items contained

Add containers to organize your pantry

This pantry is from Classy Clutter – This is one pantry project that turned out beautiful!  I wish I could paste this picture on my wall and poof!  instant pantry that looks just like hers.

2.  Add in some lazy susans for the corners.

lazy susans make the pantry corners useable These lazy susans are built into the pantry shelving and are not going anywhere!  They make it so the corners of your pantry are totally useable space.

With the lazy susans being built in you don’t need to worry as much about how much weight is being put on these.  Adding some lazy susans would make pantry organization a lot easier.

You can find more info about these lazy susans at: The Great Pantry Makeover

3. Produce storage against the pantry door with this shower caddy

Great way to create a container to hold produce

Cheap and easy to implement – using a shower caddy to store your produce such as onions and potatoes.

This idea is from: Domestic Diva Domain


4. Use a magazine holder to store canned food.

Another cheap and easy idea is to use a magazine holder on it’s side to hold canned food.

Idea from PBJ Stories.

Or get a wire canned food rack to place on your pantry shelves, which you can pick one up here.


5. Add a spice rack onto the pantry door

This spice rack is built and put onto the door of your pantry.  It keeps all your spices together, it’s easy to read the labels on your spices and the spices are kept in the dark when you aren’t using them, which helps to prolong the life of them.  Who would have thought of using the door for pantry organization?

You can find directions on how to create this spice rack at Shanty 2 Chic.

6.  Or if you don’t want to put a spice rack on the back of the pantry door, hang your saran wrap, foil, wax paper, etc. with hooks.

Another easy and cheap idea.  It keeps all these items out of the way, no worrying about the lids blocking the drawer you have it in.

For directions and how to do this (including dimensions on how far apart to put the hooks!) check out A Real-Life Housewife.

7. Use mason jars to store cupcake liners.

Not only does it keep them all together and look pretty, it also keeps the liners free from dust.

This idea is from Table for Two.


8.  Use crates for bottom of the pantry storage

Add casters to the bottom of crates and you have great wheeled storage for the bottom of your pantry.

You can see more on implementing this idea at I Heart Organizing.


9. Add little sink caddies/sponge holders to the side of your pantry

You can store seasoning packets, gelatin boxes or other small pantry items in these storage containers.

If you want more details on this visit Make Bake Celebrate.


10.  Make a clip holder to store mini snack bags such as chips and cookies

Just like how stores hold these items.

Find out more at Lookie What I Did.

11. Hang an under the shelf storage container to store plastic wrap, foil or keep bread and other soft food safe

Great way to keep the easily smashable bread out of the way.  Use an under the shelf storage container to keep it contained and protected.

You can find some of these under shelf storage containers here.

12. Hang pan lids on the inside of your pantry door

Great way to keep your pots and pan lids contained and organized.

See more info on this project at Worthing Court Blog

13. Use tension rods to store your baking sheets and cake pans on their side to save space.

Smart and easy idea to use tension rods to store baking sheets, cake pans, and cutting boards on their side.

This idea is from Martha Stewart

14.  Use a wire magazine holder to store produce

magazine rack bins to hold produce for pantry oranization

This is great for the produce that needs air to circulate it, such as onions, potatoes, and garlic.

This brilliant idea is from Just What am I Thinking

15. Use baskets

use baskets for pantry organization

Using baskets allows you to group like items together that won’t stand up on it’s own.  You can find out more at Eleven Gables

Hopefully, this list has given you some great ideas on pantry organization.

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15 Small Pantry Organization Ideas15 Clever Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Get Your Pantry Organized

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