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Snowman Ornament

This snowman ornament is the perfect holiday craft project for younger kids.

It is so simple to make, takes virtually zero prep work and looks great when it is done.

So let’s get started!

Snowman Ornament

Materials Needed:

Snowman Ornament Supplies

Fillable Plastic or Glass Ornaments
Faux Snow
Mini Wiggly Eyes
Black Acrylic Paint
Orange Acrylic Paint
Tacky Glue
Funnel (optional)

Snowman Ornament Directions:

Snowman ornament with top off

The first thing you want to do is to take off the gold top on the ornament.  Put the top to the side, but make sure to not to lose it.

For this next step if you have a funnel with a narrow top that will fit in the open end of the ornament you might want to use it.  You can also use your hand as a funnel.  You are going to use the funnel or your hand to add the faux snow into the opening of your ornament.

As you are adding the snow into the ornament, you will need to shake or gently tap onto your table to get rid of some air in between the faux snow and keep filling.

Keep shaking and filling until the ornament is completely filled.

Easy Snowman Ornament Lid

After the ornament is filled, put the ornament top back on.

Now it’s time to paint the snowman’s face on.

Easy Snowman Carrot Nose

The nose will be painted on first.  All you need to do is take a small paintbrush dipped in orange paint and paint a triangle in the middle of the ornament.

DIY Snowman Ornament mouth

Next, you will paint the mouth.  You are going to use either a dotting tool or the back of a small paintbrush with black paint to make dots for the mouth.

DIY Finished Easy Snowman Ornament

The googly eyes are next to add.  Glue them on.  If you don’t have googly eyes you can also just paint a white circle with smaller black circles as the eyes.

Your snowman Christmas ornament is completed!  You just need to wait for it to dry before adding it to your tree.

I hope you enjoyed making this snowman ornament.

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DIY Snowman Ornament Craft

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