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I am probably a bit weird because I LOVE organizing my spices!  I use them so much and we have so many, that I love taking the big jumbled mess they become when I don’t have a system for them and organizing them into pretty rows of jars filled with goodness.

I buy most of my spices in bulk from either Mountain Rose Herbs or from Frontier (either through a co-op or through Amazon).  I love the quality and how fresh they all smell when I get them.

In our last house we hung up shelves and used some really cool square jars to store them.  I peeled the labels off the Mountain Rose Herb Bags the spices came in and stuck them to the outside of the jars.  I wish I had some pictures, because it was a great way to organize my spices.

With the house we live in now, we don’t have the same open wall to have shelves on for spices.  My spices are currently all thrown into a cabinet in a mix of bags and jars.

So, I’m on the hunt for a better way to organize my spices.  Here are some great ways to organize your spices.

Spices in Mason Jars in a Drawer

Spices store in mason

I love the way these spices look in these mason jars.  You can also use different sized jars if you needed to or all larger ones if you have more spices than what fits in these jelly jars.  You need to check out the post at and see how it all looks.

DIY Dollar Store Magnetic Spice Rack

DIY Magnetic Dollar Store Spice Rack

This DIY spice rack from A Cultivated Nest look great!  They were cheap to make and its great if you some small amounts of spices to store or if you want only a small amount available at a time.

Square Glass Spice Jars in Drawer


square spice jar storage drawer

I love the contrast on the pens she used and the spices underneath!  These square spice jars won’t roll around in the drawer and you can see all your spices at once.  You can find out how these were made at Organizing Moms.

Mason Jar Spice Organization with “Map”

Mason Jar Spice Organization

I love how she creates a “map” under the spice jars to keep them all in order.  This spice organization is very similar to the one at Bright Green Door, but with a twist.  You can see how they were made and more info on these at The Country Chic Cottage.

Round Tins with Label

Spice Tin Organizer

These turned out really cute!  These stainless steel food grade tins look great!  The labels that she uses really pull the whole project together.  You can also get larger stainless steel spice tins if you need larger containers.  You can find the details about this project at Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

Upcycled Spice Jars

These are another super cute way to store spices!  She upcycled pasta jars, painted the lids, made some custom labels, wrapped with ribbon and filled!  The ribbons really add a lot to the charm with these ones.  The size of the jars appear to be a really nice size for storing spices.  Go to Carolyns Homework to find out how she did this.

Upcycled Spice Jars

Upcycled Spice jars

At Real Coakes, she saved up some old spice bottles and relabeled them.  They turned out so great!  She can add all her spices to these jars so they are all uniform.  Check out her labeling and details at Real Coake.

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