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Baby’s First Christmas!

It’s exciting, it’s memorable, it’s noteworthy, and you want to make sure to memorialize it in every way possible – *especially* by finding the perfect Baby’s First Christmas ornament for your tree!

Here are a few we think are especially perfect – for brand new parents, for brand new grandparents, and anyone celebrating the birth of a child!

Hallmark Keepsake 2018 Baby’s First Christmas

First things first: Hallmark is practically synonymous with keepsake Christmas ornaments.

This year’s Baby’s First Christmas option is seriously adorable, featuring a teddy bear in a hot air balloon with a spot for a photo of that precious new baby and a 2018 flag.

EtchedMarket Rustic Wood Slice Ornament

This rustic ornament will look perfect nestled in your Christmas tree!

Spring for the two-sided option, and one side you can put your baby’s info with an adorable set of footprints (birth date, and birth size) and on the other it will say Baby’s First Christmas, with the year and your baby’s name.

Digibuddha Family of Three Ornament

A sweet spin on a baby’s first Christmas ornament, this ornament features three stockings and celebrates new parents with “First Christmas as a Family of Three” painted below.

Mooseberry Design Co. Cactus Ornament

If you live in the desert and/or have a love of cacti and gorgeous watercolors, this hand-painted cactus ornament is perfect for you!

Lenox Rudolph Ornament

Lenox makes the most beautiful, lasting keepsake ornaments that can be passed on generation to generation.

This Rudolph Baby’s First Christmas ornament is no exception! This one will make both you *and* your baby smile as you see it glistening on the tree for years to come.

HartGiftCo Wooden Bear Ornament

This adorable laser-engraved wooden bear ornament is personalized with your baby’s name and the year.

It’s hard to get any cuter than personalization and a little animal!

Banberry Designs Baby’s First Christmas

This adorable ornament has a 2” spot for a photo of your newborn, and also states the year and “Baby’s First Christmas.”

This ornament comes with both a ribbon and an easel in case you would like to display instead of hang on the tree.

AbbyGracesGifts Wooden Block Ornament

I love this playful take on a baby ornament!

It looks like a wooden block your child might play with, yet hangs on the tree with your baby’s name, date of birth, and birth weight/length engraved on the sides, along with one side of the block stating that it’s baby’s first Christmas. So unique!

DigiBuddha Grandparents Ornament

Don’t leave the new grandma and grandpa out!

I adore the idea of gifting new grandparents with a keepsake ornament as well.

After all, they became grandparents the same moment you became parents!

PinkPoppyPartyShoppe Pregnancy Announcement Ornament

If you’re planning to reveal some big news on Christmas, giving this ornament to new grandparents-to-be would be a great way to make an exciting announcement!

10 Best Ornament Ideas for Baby's First Christmas

10 Best Ornament ideas for baby's first Christmas!

10 Best ornament ideas for baby's first Christmas

Ornament Ideas for Baby's First Christmas. Fun & Cute!

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