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Just because the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to fall doesn’t mean you have to give up on your front porch container garden.

There are several varieties of flowers that thrive in the cool fall weather. If you’re looking to add a fresh splash of color to your front porch this fall, consider planting some of these flowering plants. They’ll look wonderful on your front porch all season long.


If your front porch gets a little bit of direct sunlight throughout the day, chrysanthemums (mums) are a great option for decorating with fall flowers.

A traditional fall flower, mums come in a variety of gorgeous fall colors, including rust, white, yellow, and magenta. In addition to adding lovely color to your fall front porch display, mums can also be a pretty focal point for your seasonal décor.

If properly cared for throughout the season, your mums can grow to be fairly large plants with tons of pretty buds. Try making a big statement on your fall front porch by pairing groups of mums in complementary colors together alongside your pumpkins and gourds.


With pretty yellow blooms that pop in late summer and early fall, Goldenrod is a great option for your fall front porch.

A variety of goldenrod plants thrive in the shade, making them perfect for adorning the space near your home’s doorway.

This easy-to-grow plant is also fairly low maintenance – it’s drought tolerant and can tolerate a range of temperatures. In addition to adding pretty pops of yellow to your front porch display, goldenrod is also important to the fall ecosystem because it provides nourishment to a variety of beneficial garden insects, like butterflies and bees, as they begin their fall migration south.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

The lovely white blooms on the sweet autumn clematis start to open in late summer and last through fall (and even into winter in some warmer climates).

You’ll need a large container and trellis for this climbing plant, which needs support as it grows.

And while the blooms on this adorable fall flower are beautiful, the thing you’ll enjoy most about this autumn bloomer is the sweet smell it spreads through the air. I suggest planting this near a well-traveled door to give your family and houseguests a sweet treat every time they come inside your home.


This tough long-blooming plant is the perfect option for your fall front porch.

In addition to having the ability to weather through frosts, this versatile container plant can grow in both shade or full sun.

You’ll also love the diverse shades the Autumn Joy Stonecrop offers throughout the season. Its full blooms open pink and transform into a fall-friendly copper color as the weather cools.

Stonecrop enjoys the sun, so be sure to place its container in a place where the rays will reach it during the day – or set the pot in the sun during the daylight hours.


Another shade loving plant, Oxalis is perfect for filling fall containers on your front porch.

While some varieties of oxalis have gotten a bad rap as invasive garden plants, the oxalis triangularis is a great option for your fall front porch.

Their small pink blooms will start to adorn the bright purple leaves in summer and stay on the plant through the fall months, making it a great option as an accent plant to the rest of your fall blooms. It’s a very versatile plant that thrives in partial shade and can even be grown indoors.

One of the most interesting aspects of this fall bloomer is the fact that they are highly photophilic – they close both their buds and their leaves each night and open them wide in the morning as the sun begins to shine.


Helenium, which is a close cousin of the daisy, is a beautiful plant that begins to show its sunset-colored blooms toward the end of summer and beginning of fall.

Its combination of red and yellow blooms will perfectly complement the rest of your fall porch décor. And it can work well as a feature flower or a partner plant to other fall favorites like mums or goldenrod.

This fall flower grows best in direct sunlight, so make sure to place it in a spot on your porch that sees sun throughout the day.


When in doubt, plant pansies.

This cute flower is a favorite on porches, and for good reason. In addition to being easy to grow and maintain, these versatile flowers also thrive in the shade. If your pansies are properly cared for, they’ll bloom year-round in moderate climates.

In colder areas, you can see their pretty blooms from spring through fall. Pansies also come in a variety of colors, making them great
options for decorating your porch throughout the year. In the fall, choose white, yellow, or orange pansies to complement the changing leaves, pumpkins, and gourds you’ll likely be adding to your porch décor throughout the season.

Do you have a favorite fall flower or plant that you like to keep on your porch that I didn’t list?  If so, please tell us below in the comments.

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