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This is a DIY cooling coconut oil and sugar scrub that feels amazing.

This homemade sugar scrub is exfoliating for your skin.  The coconut oil in it helps to moisturize your skin as well as soothes it.

If you are looking for a sugar scrub recipe that is super simple and easy to make, this is it.  It uses 3 ingredients – coconut oil, sugar and essential oil and if you want it to have some color you can also add food coloring.  Although, the food coloring is totally optional.

This sugar scrub also has sandalwood essential oil in it that has a cooling effect on your skin, which feels so refreshing!

As I just said this sugar scrub recipe includes sandalwood essential oil.  One of my favorite brands of essential oils is Rocky Mountain Oils.   I think they are just as high quality as DoTerra or Young Living, but there isn’t any of the MLM stuff and you can order directly through Rocky Mountain Oils or through Amazon.

sugar scrub recipe

Homemade Cooling Coconut Oil and Sugar Scrub Recipe

Supplies needed:
sandalwood essential oil
2 cups of white sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
blue food coloring

coconut oil and sugar scrub

You also need a bowl and a way to mix these ingredients together.  Using a fork works great.

To start you are going to measure out the white sugar and coconut oil and add them to the bowl.  Mix these two ingredients together.

After they are mixed thoroughly, add 5-6 drops of the sandalwood essential oil.  Mix this together well.

coconut oil sugar scrub recipe

The food coloring is totally optional.  If you’d like to add in the food coloring, now is the time.  Use about 2-3 drops to make sugar scrub to look like snow.

Mix everything together one last time.

essential oil sugar scrub recipe
Then, store in an air-tight jar with a tight-fitting lid.  Make sure to keep the sugar scrub in a cool, dry place.

When you are ready to use add a small amount to wet skin and then massage it in.  Make sure to wash it off with water.

If you make this cooling coconut oil and sugar scrub recipe, let me know what you think in the comments below.