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6 DIY strawberry planter ideas. These all look fairly easy to make. I’ve mentioned in the past that we moved into our house fairly recently.  Several years ago, the house we were in had an amazing garden, we had chickens and it was our own little paradise.

Our new house is on a small plot of land (5000ish sq feet, which is very small to the places we’ve lived before).  We are trying to figure out how to maximize our growing space.  My three boys eat a ton of food (maybe you can relate?), with berries being a favorite.

I found a local nursery who was selling 100 strawberry plants for a decent price, but where would be put those 100 plants?  Strawberries can take up quite a bit of room.  I decided to look into building a strawberry planter or tower.  Some way to grow more strawberry plants in a smaller area.

Here are some of the best ones that I found.

strawberry towerThis is from One Hundred Dollar a Month.

It looks very simple to make and can fit quite a few plants.

If you like the tower idea, you can also make a tower from pvc pipe.  I didn’t find any pictures of that, but you could take a couple foot long pvc pipe, drill holes in it, then fill with dirt and plant the strawberries in it.  For the feet of the planter, you could some sort of wooden stand to attach the pvc pipe to.

Ana White strawberry ladder

Ana White always has great DIY woodworking projects on her site.  She doesn’t dissapoint with this strawberry planter  It’s cute!  You can find plans to make this planter at Ana White.


easy DIY strawberry tower

This one looks very easy and like it would be easy on the pocketbook to build.  You can find directions at A Piece of Rainbow.

pallet strawberry planter

You can use pallets and build this great strawberry planter.  Or just plant strawberries on the side, in the slits and plant something different on the top.  You can find this fun pallet planter at Lovely Greens.

Cool Pyramid strawberry planter

This planter looks really nice.  The price is more than I am looking to spend on building a planter, but if you have a large budget check it out!  You can find it at Remove and Replace.



These are really nice planters as well.  It’s hard to really see it, but these are long planters that you attach to the wall. Seem fairly easy to make.  You can find more information out at Foxy Folksy.

Check back again later to see which strawberry container I end up building.  I’ll be going out next week to pick up some materials to build it and my husband will be picking up some compost as well to fill it in.

Do you have strawberry plants?  How did you plant yours?