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I like to plant a LOT of different types of vegetables in my garden.

A lot of times if you’ve planted it in the past, it’s pretty easy to tell what plant it is based on the shape of the leaves.

When the plants are still seedlings, it’s really hard (aka impossible) to tell right away.

Plus, if you have someone visiting your garden they won’t necessarily know which plant is which based on leaf shape, color, etc.

Here are some fun DIY garden labels to help you keep your plants organized.


DIY Painted Rock Plant Markers

This is a super cute project and you can get your kids involved with making these.  You can make the designs on the rock as detailed or simple as you like.

You can see all the designs they made at Craft By Amanda.

Picture Frame Plant Markers

Picture Frame Plant Marker

These are super cute!  I love that it’s visual so kids who can’t read yet still know which plant it is.

You can see how to create these picture frame plant markers at The Southern Couture.

Colorful Paint Stirrer

Colorful DIY Plant Marker

I love how bright and colorful these labels are!  They are also super cheap and easy to make, which is always a plus!

You can see exactly how she made these at Happiness is Homemade.


Chalkboard Plant Marker

I love the chalkboard look!

You can find the Chalkboard Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Stamped Marker

Stamped Plant Marker

These stamp ones are pretty cool.  They will hold up well to being outside, so you should be able to use these year after year.

You can find this at Tator Tots and Jello.

Mason Jar

Mason Jar Plant Markers

I never would have thought to use mason jar lids as plant markers.  I love the pictures she has used on them.

You can see exactly how to create these super cute mason jar plant markers at Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

Clothes Pins

Clothes Pin with Washi Tape DIY Plant Marker

Clothes Pins are another item I wouldn’t have thought to use as garden markers.  But, I love how she uses washi tape on them for a burst of color and design.  They also appear to be super cheap and easy to make.

You can find these super cute plant markers at Creative Green Living.


Clay Garden Markers

My kid would love making these!  You can make the label part as large as you want if you needed to.

Find out exactly how to make these clay garden markers at Average Inspired.


Spoon DIY Garden Marker

I have seen so many different spoon labels for gardening.  These are the first ones I’ve seen where the spoons are made flat first.

From Mod Podge Rocks Blog blog.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoon Plant Marker

I’ve also seen a lot of different wooden spoon garden markers.  I love how these ones are different colors.   These are super cute and would again be super affordable and easy to make.  These are another one that your kids might want to join in on making as well.

You can find more about these on A Cultivated Nest.

If you are planning to make plant markers for your garden, let me know which ones you plan to make below.

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Garden Markers for Your Garden

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